Friday, February 11, 2011

Zip it!

Zippers are a wonderful thing, just not to sew. Now I’m sure many people would disagree and my guess is that they’ve sewn more than two or three zippers. This summer I made a dress for my daughter that required a zipper. Believe me as soon as I saw that step I was on the phone with the one person I knew could sew a zipper…my mom. I think the first words out of my mouth panicked my mother, I likely sounded more panicked than I need to for help with a zipper. She offered to help and I grabbed the dress and the zipper and headed to her house. She was able to walk me through sewing in a zipper. I’m not going to lie it wasn’t pretty or even or anything else it should be besides functional.

Recently I decided to make my own extra large wetbag for our family vacation next weekend and knew I would have to tackle the zipper for a second time. I could do it cheap after all I already had PUL that I bought to make diapers and covers, I had 100% poly thread, and I had plenty of fabric. I headed to the store knowing I only “needed” a zipper. As always I was quickly distracted by fabric and bought an adorable yellow Peace Love Recycle Snoopy cotton print. I also remembered a zipper.

I found two tutorials helpful but really didn’t follow either one completely. I think I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I dislike following patterns and directions. I liked the easiness of the sandwiched zipper from Oh, nuh-uh but I also liked the handle option from Dilley Dally Diapers. So with a little bit of work on my part I came up with a wetbag that would work for me. Following the steps for the sandwiched zipper made attaching a zipper super simple. Sadly I don’t think it will work for most other zipper applications. Although, maybe with more practice zippers will no longer be my sewing nemesis, I could master it like I did with sewing stretchy material.

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