Monday, April 4, 2011

So busy lately

I feel like I have abandoned this blog so shortly after I started it and it makes me sad. Life has been so hectic by the end of the day I just don't have the energy to sit at the sewing machine and crank stuff out like I did just a few months ago. The kids have had so much going on with sports, school, and the youngest with his recent Apraxia diagnosis. I have a feeling things will be getting much more hectic soon once his therapy starts.

I recently obtained a this book. It was my grandmothers she only ever made one of the animals in it for an auction. My goal is to make several this spring to give to the numerous babies that are about to become part of our extended family. I plan to make them all baby/young child friendly by using embroidery floss to create eyes rather than buttons.

My daughter has already been begging me to get started on her summer wardrobe. She was browsing patterns online and begging me to bring her fabric shopping. I only hope that I can do as much as I did last year her entire summer wardrobe was either clothes that still fit from the year before or stuff that I had made. Thankfully she will gladly wear nothing but dresses and I can whip them together rather quickly.

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