Sunday, January 23, 2011

The First Attempt

I was looking through various websites looking for a craft idea when I stumbled across some purses. While I didn’t like any of patterns, I figured I could whip up something of my own. I toyed with a few designs before settling on a small tote style purse with a knotted strap. My first attempt was going to be sized for my 5 year old since she loves purses. I think it was my immense dislike for patterns that caused me to think I could simply whip something together and it would be perfect.

The first attempt wasn’t perfect but my daughter loved it none the less. I used a cute green butterfly and floral seersucker fabric for the outsides and straps; the inside of the purse is teal broadcloth, the bottom of the purse is teal satin. There is plenty of room for improvement. The first step at improving it would be to make my own pattern, or get over my dislike of using patterns altogether. The next step would be to move the straps to the ends of the bag rather than the sides. My next attempt will be making a purse a bit more my size.

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