Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So it begins...

Well so this blog begins. This past week two of my children got ice skates. With ice skates comes the needs for soakers to prevent the blades from rusting. I looked at them while we bought their skates, 9 dollars for one pair seemed a bit much especially when I factored in the cost I've already spent on skates for two kids. I looked at the guards again and decided I could make two pairs for far less than they wanted for one. The best part is my kids could decide the colors they wanted.

I knew I had supplies, old towels and other fabric that would be absorbent enough to get the water off the blades, and a bunch of decorative fabric or fleece for the outside of the soakers, not to mention elastic. My costs for this would be negligible because everything I was using we already had.

After studying the soakers at the store I had my plan on how exactly I could construct them. My daughter decided she only wanted a white towel inside and a bright blue fleece outside. This made it easy on me for my initial attempt. I cut rectangles from both the fleece and an old towel approximately 5" wide by 15" long. With wrong sides together I ran a zig zag stitch around the the outside leaving just enough to turn the fabrics right side out. Once turned the fabric I sewed a straight stitch about 1/2 inch in from the outer edge creating a casing for the elastic. I threaded the elastic through the casing stitched it down and sewed the opening close. The first pair was a success! The second pair was made much the same except I went with rounded corners orange fleece and a light blue towel.

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